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Heavy Industry Products

electrical machinery

gear reducer

NISSEI GTR  Reducer,Service reducer,steering equipment
HITACHI Hitachi reducer,Hitachi reduction motor
YODOGAWA draught fan, precipitron, power tool, Dust device power tools, operating floor
TMEIC Toshiba Reducer, Toshiba Reducer Motor
TSUBAKI Reducer, deceleration motor
SHOWA Showa fans, oil mist collectors, mist absorbers, vacuum cleaners
MITSUBISHI Reducer, deceleration motor
BALDOR Water washing motor, linear motor, explosion-proof motor, servo motor
MAKISHINKO Worm gear reducer, screw lift, commutator

Industrial instrument control

ControlAir inc pressure reduction valve、Precision surge valves, electrical converters, flow amplifiers, balance valves,
FAIRCHILD Pressure reducing valve, precision pressure regulating valve, electrical converter, flow amplifier, balance valve, diaphragm, cylinder
Germany Fema fema pressure switch, fema pressure transmitter, Fima pressure switch pressure transmitter
Mts Magnetostrictive Displacement Sensor
SINFONIA Clutch, Brake, Part Feeder, Vibrator, Servo Motor
Honeywell Pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, controller HC900
SHINKO Clutch, Brake, Part Feeder, Vibrator, Servo Motor
OMRON Servo motor, photoelectric sensor, temperature controller, PLC control, displacement amplifier unit
Siemens Industrial instrumentation sensors, low-voltage control and protection products, system control
MITSUBISHI AC servo, inverter, ac motor,Electromagnetic clutch and brake, Tension Controller, Controller PLC
EJA pressure sensor, differential pressure transmitter
Rosemount pressure sensor, differential pressure transmitter

Brand of Electronic Products

On Semi

Simulation、CPU circuit board、data traffic、DSP、discrete component、I/O interface、LCD、memorizer、meshwork、electric source、Programming logic asic, Radio frequency and wireless、sense organ、Standard logic、electrical communication、Timing Solutions、vision frequency

Texas Instruments

Simulate, data communication,DSP, High reliability and military products,I/O interface, microcontroller, microprocessor, meshwork, current source, Radio frequency and wireless, sensor, electrical communication, vision frequency, Wireless module

IDT Data communications, high reliability and military products, I/O interfaces, memory, microcontrollers, microprocessors, networks, standard logic, telecommunications, timing solutions, video
Atmel Simulation, data communication, DSP、 high reliability and military products, LCD、 memory, microcontrollers, microprocessors, optoelectronic, power, sensors
Freescale Analog, Data Communication, DSP、 High Reliability and Military Products, Microcontrollers, Microprocessors, Networks, Power, RF and Wireless, Sensors, Telecommunications, Wireless Modules
Avago Data communications, discrete components, high reliability and military products, networks, optoelectronics, radio frequency and wireless, sensors, telecommunications, wireless modules
Analog Devices Simulation, dsp、 high reliability and military products, i/o interfaces, microcontrollers, power, RF and wireless, telecommunications, timing solutions, video
International Rectifier

discrete component part, high reliability (Hi-Rel) or Military products, electrical source

IR Simulate, high reliability (Hi-Rel) or Military products, electrical source
Rohm discrete component part, memorizer, Programming logic or ASIC, Standard Logical Telecommunications, vision frequency, capacitance, lighting, resistance
SIMcom LCD、 RF and wireless modules

Suction cup antenna,gps antennae, Rubber rod antenna


Building Control

Dwyer pressure gage、pressure transmitter、differential pressure transmitter、controller
ACI Temperature sensor、Humidity sensor、pressure transmitter、differential pressure transmitter、

Temperature Sensor,Humidity Sensors,pressure sensor, differential pressure transmitter


Valve, Electric Control Valve, actuator,Temperature Sensor,Humidity Sensors, controller PLC

ASIC control thermostat,controller,sensor,valve,controller DDC,ml5720a0500,ml575720 a0500
ASI systems thermostat,controller,sensor,valve,controller DDC,ml5720a0500,ml575720 a0500
Honeywell Valve, Electric Control Valve, actuator,Temperature Sensor,Humidity Sensors, controller DDC


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