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    Shanghai Zepeng Technology Development Co.,Ltd. Is a professional supplier of imported electronics, instrumentation, machinery and components。

It is also a specialized company combining engineering and technology,In Japan、Offices in Europe, America and Hong Kong, Specialized in overseas

procurement and transportation,Corporate business is divided into electronic departments,Mechanical component ,Headquartered in Shanghai,Significant

and effective reduction in procurement and logistics costs.

    Ze Peng Technology Agent sales Germany FEMA pressure switch、FEMA pressure transmitter、FEMA temperature transmitter.The company has long

been committed Distribution and technical promotion of the above-mentioned products。

     Technical data Pressure connection External thread G 1/2 (pressure gauge connection) according to DIN 16 288 and internal thread G 1/4 according to ISO 228 Part 1. Switching device Robust housing (200) made of seawater resistant die cast aluminium GD Al Si 12. Protection class IP 54, in vertical position. Pressure sensor materials DNM025…DCM63 Metal bellows: 1.4571 Sensor housing: 1.4104 DCM025 – DCM 1 Metal bellows: Cu Sensor housing: Cu + Ms DCM4016/ Diaphragm: Perbunan DCM4025 Sensor housing: 1.4301 DCM1000 Diaphragm: Perbunan Sensor housing: Brass Mounting position Vertically upright and horizontal. DCM4016 and 4025 vertically upright. Ambient temp. at switching device –25…+70 °C, except: DCM4016, 4025, 1000: –15…+60 °C Max. medium temperature The maximum medium temperature at the pressure sensor must not exceed the permitted ambient temperature at the switching device. Temperatures may reach 85°C for short periods). Higher medium temperatures are possible provided the above limit values for the switching device are ensured by suitable measures (e.g. siphon). Mounting Directly on the pressure line (pressure gauge connection) or on a flat surface with two 4 mm Ø screws. Switching pressure Adjustable from outside with screw driver. Switching differential Not adjustable with DCM and types. Adjustable from outside with DCMV types. For values see Product Summary. Contact arrangement Single pole change over switch.

monitoring, industrial automation and other fields, is the best performance-to-price mainstream products in the relevant fields at home and abroad at present, long-term for including "Laiwu Iron and Steel Group, Guangda Factory, Guangzhou LCD, Yantai Foxconn, Ningbo Port, Pirelli Factory, Volkswagen" and other well-known companies to provide quality products and services.

corporate objectives:

Customer satisfaction, That's what we' ve been pursuing

Corporate beliefs

---credibility and integrity、bring forth new ideas、study、fulfil;

---Pay attention to credit,Problem solving for customers is the first;

---forge ahead with determination,blaze new trails in a pioneering spirit,Solidarity,With a solid work style and outstanding performance Promoting New Industrial Development in China

Business is always healthy and sustainable Co-existence with markets and the environment as the life of an enterprise;Strive to improve the professional and technical ability of enterprises to create value for customers, Is the driving force for self-improvement and continuous innovation, Reduce costs and risks for customers,Improving efficiency Corporate responsibility.

Professional sales Germany FEMA pressure switch, pressure transmitter,Industrial Instrument Control Specialist Pressure switches, pressure transducers and valves are recognized as pressure measuring experts Fema Fima, Germany
,With 75 years history, is the world famous pressure switch, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter, solenoid valve, flow monitor and other products, professional manufacturers. Its product application scope involves metallurgy, automobile, electric power, chemical industry, paper making, machine tool manufacture and so on.Main products: pressure switch, pressure transmitter, temperature controller (thermostat), temperature transmitter, solenoid valve, flow monitor, etc.

Specific models are as follows:Professional Selling | Germany FEMA pressure switch | FEMA pressure sensor | FEMA Temperature Transmitter

DWR1 Pressure switch DWR1-301 Pressure switch DWR16-203  Pressure switch DWR625  Pressure switch DCM6  Pressure switch
DWR6 Pressure switch EX-DWR16 Pressure switch EX-DWR6  Pressure switch TXB490  Pressure switch DCM25-513  Pressure switch
GLAB20AIB DGM1A DCM025   Pressure switch DCM4016   Pressure switch DNS6-201   Pressure switch EX-DGM516   Pressure switch
SPTMA40GB5W02 DCM3   Pressure switch DCM10   Pressure switch EX-DGM506   Pressure switch DGM506-213   Pressure switch
DGM516-213  Pressure switch DWR16   Pressure switch DWR3   Pressure switch EX-DNM10   Pressure switch DCM1000   Pressure switch
DCM25-217  Pressure switch DCM3-513   Pressure switch EX-DNS06   Pressure switch EX-VCM095   Pressure switch DGM325-363   Pressure switch
DGM1-363  Pressure switch EX-DWR06   Pressure switch DCM625   Pressure switch DCM16   Pressure switch EX-DNS16   Pressure switch
EX-DNS025  Pressure switch EX-DNM63   Pressure switch DWAM6   Pressure switch DWAM625   Pressure switch  



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