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  Germany FEMA Is recognized as a pressure gauge expert,65 years old,Is world famous FEMA pressure switch,fema pressure transmitter,temperature transmitter、

electromagnetic valve、Flow Monitor、And other products of professional manufacturers.Its application scope paper making, machine tool manufacturing and other

fields. FEMA Fima pressure, temperature and flow control instruments FEMA Fima's world leading instrument manufacturers. Main products: pressure switch, pressure

transmitter transmitter, temperature controller (thermostat), temperature transmitter, solenoid valve, flow monitor, etc. Its product application scope involves metallurgy,

automobile, electric power, chemical industry, paper making, machine tool manufacture and so on. Germany FEMA Fima pressure switch pressure transmitter, temperature

and flow control instrument FEMA Fima's world leading instrument manufacturer. main products: pressure opening, pressure transmitter, solenoid valve, electric valve, flow

switch, For more than 65 years FEMA stands for quality products "made in Germany", reliabilty and innov ation in the area of pressure and tempe rature measurement. We

focus on safety- relevant applicat ions working with liquid and gaseous media. For those we offer a variety of products,focusing on switches, transmitters and valves - mainly

for industrial facilities.

The German FEMA pressure switch, the FEMA pressure instrument FEMA the pressure switch are with electrical switch, when the preset fluid pressure is reached,

the switch contact action. Mainly used in power plants, petrochemicals,An alarm or control signal is output on industrial equipment such as metallurgical

industry, which has important application in industrial field. It can prevent the damage of important equipment in production engineering and avoid the FEMA

pressure in the place of major production accidents,Transmitter,Germany FEMA Fima FEMA pressure transmitter temperature range: usually a transmitter will

calibrate two temperature ranges, that is, the normal operation of the temperature range and temperature compensation range. Normal operating temperature

norm,Circumference refers to the temperature range of the transmitter when it is not destroyed in the working state, and may not reach the performance index

of its application when it exceeds the temperature compensation range.The temperature compensation range is smaller than the operating temperature range,The

typical range of. Working in this range, the FEMA pressure transmitter will certainly achieve its due performance index Fima FEMA pressure,transmitter PID

regulator can make timely automatic adjustment of the operating frequency of the pump In order to ensure the safety of pipeline operation. Pressure

transmitter is the basis of PLC control device. It is responsible for providing actual pressure data of pipe and channel and transmitting to P LC control

device. Fima FEMA Pressure Transmitter,A continuous pressure curve is reflected in the measured pressure value of the pump control on the industrial control

computer. When the pump is running smoothly, the curve is basically similar to a straight line. When the pipeline produces pressure fluctuation, the pressure

changes below 0.001 MPa. The pressure changes,Can be reflected. If the pressure of the pipeline rises suddenly due to the misoperation of the valve, the PID

regulator can transmit data according to the pressure of the pressure transmitter and reduce the running frequency of the pump in time, thus reducing the

outlet pressure flow rate,so that the pressure of the pipeline is reduced to avoid accidents. At this point, the Fima FEMA pressure transmitter can be used

as a tool to determine the abnormal water supply of the pump, for example, on February 16,2015, a certain transmission in Jiangsu Province Water engineering

port pressurized pump station port branch pump operation, pump station outlet pressure from 6.9 m slowly decreased to 6.5 m, user flow from 221 m3/h to 208

m3/h. After analysis, Fima FEMA pressure transmitter users,Flow changes may occur. There are two reasons for pipeline leakage and abnormal equipment in

pumping station, and the decrease of outlet pressure of pumping station shows that if the pipeline leaks, the leakage point will be very close to the pumping

station, because the anomaly occurs at night and is close to the pumping station The section is polyethylene pipe, so the possibility of abnormal equipment

in the station is great. If Fima FEMA the pressure transmitter is with the head, check that the head is damaged (you can short the two lines of the head

first, if the short circuit is positive Often, it shows that the head is damaged), if the head is damaged, it is necessary to change the head.Measure the

power supply of Fima FEMA pressure transmitter, whether there is 24 V DC voltage; must ensure that the supply voltage of the transmitter ≥12 V (That is,

transmitter power input voltage ≥12 V). If there is no power supply, check whether the circuit is broken. Test instrument selection error (input impedance

should ≤250Ω), etc. Does the power supply connect to FEMA pressure,Transmitter power input, connect the power line to the power connection port. Check if

the power supply of the Fima FEMA pressure transmitter is connected back, and whether the positive and negative electrodes of the power supply are connected

correctly. Fima FEMA pressure transmitter The current problem is to string the ammeter into 2 Check the current 4V the power circuit. If normal, the

transmitter is normal, check that other instruments in the loop are normal. In our practical application, there may be some problems that lead to the failure

of Fima FEMA pressure transmitter, so before installation and use, it is suggested that we must seriously check the fault. Fima FEMA pressure transmitters

are widely used. In general, pressure transmitters are mainly used to measure liquids. The liquid level of gas or steam. The flow rate and pressure are then

converted to 4~20 mA DC signal output.





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